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Published by Bryan | 01-07-2019

Betfred Free bet & Bonus Terms and Conditions

Betfred, self-promoted as the Betting King, regularly updates its free bet and bonuses offers for new players. T&C are not always to understand, so we decrypted these conditions for you. Introduction Betfred is a UK-based high-end bookmaker that has established itself among the top names in the online gambling business, over the last few years. Named […]

Published by Bryan | 02-06-2019

Tennis Betting Sites in UK: Odds & Tips for 2023

Tennis is probably the most popular individual sport around the globe. It also attracts the attention of many sports bettors. Some of them are successful which is a good sign that there’s money to be made. Here are our top picks for tennis betting sites in in the UK: As every sport, tennis has a […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Which is Better: Betting Exchanges or Bookmakers?

The Internet is full of different sports betting services nowadays. The players can pick between many different bookmakers and betting exchanges. As a result, it is hard to determine which is the best way to go if you want to make money at sports betting. Some people believe that using the platforms of classic sportsbooks […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Which Bookies (really) offer the best odds?

One of the most important things in sports betting is to get the highest odds possible. Lots of people believe that small margins don’t matter that much. In reality, even the likes of 0.05-0.10 higher average prices can be the difference between winners and losers in the long run. This is why it is worth […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Paddy Power: Playing on Mobile Apps (Android/iOS) or site?

The Irish giant Paddy Power has the reputation of a colourful bookmaker, with a taste of innovation. A quick look at their promotions and markets will show you that they are truly unique. It’s only natural that such an operator has a smooth mobile version that allows its customers to play on the go. Paddy […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Free bets explained and revealed

Nowadays there are plenty of people who prefer online betting. Many punters before to place a prediction turning to a lot of sports betting forums on finding another opinion about a possible match. If you are smart, you have the chance to bet for free without pulling any money out of pocket, with help of […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Online betting versus Offline betting: which way to bet is better?

This is a question that gamblers ask themselves many years, and which I will try to answer, taking into account all relevant issues, and putting them in balance. Advantages online betting There are quite a lot to say. I will list them below those that are very important and should decide a gambler to play […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Betting Exchange Sites (UK, full list for 2023)

One of the best things about online gambling is the competition between the operators. They are trying really hard to get customers and a lot of great innovations are born this way. One of them is the so-called betting exchanges. They give you the chance to actually place wagers against other players instead of facing […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

eSports Betting Sites for 2023

Online games have become an industry so large, it actually has its own competitive scene called eSports. There are plenty of tournaments in various games and the prize pools are constantly getting bigger. It won’t be too far-fetched to eSports are more popular than traditional sports in countries like South Korea. The top sites for […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Betfair Alternatives Sites & Links

Matchbook is the top alternative betting exchange site for UK players: Betfair Alternatives Betfair is one of the foremost names in online gaming. In the years since it became operational in 1999, it has grown to enjoy a reputation as a large and reliable betting exchange. It covers a wide range of markets while offering […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Matched Betting explained & best sites for UK

Introduction: A beginner’s guide If you have never placed a bet in your life, then you may want us to define laying a bet. This is betting in which you bet that an event won’t happen. During this, you will replace the bookmaker. Let’s say that for an example Arsenal is playing against Newcastle United. […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Betting On NFL: Tips & Odds

The US National Football League was popular mostly in the country up to 10-15 years ago. With globalisation, it has slowly built a solid fan base all across the world. The biggest testimony for that was the 2017 Super Bowl. It attracted millions of viewers from different countries. With such a high interest in the […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

What are the best sports to bet on ?

There are many articles on the internet that says it earns more money in a particular sport than from bets on other sports. Their conclusion is usually that it would be better to focus on a particular sport than another, even if you’re not good at it, a concept that is quite ridiculous if you […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Odds Converter & Calculator

Most bookmakers offer the odds conversion option for all users, including for visitors who do not have an account in the bookie. This option is available so that users can change the odds of decimals to fractions or americans, but in UK and Europe they are mostly offered Decimals with the conversion to fractions. Fractional […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

10 tips to win at sports betting

Fever game, the lure of gains, the chance to get rich overnight – any of these three elements could be a plausible reason for more people choose to play sports betting. To kick, punters turn to various alternatives: try their luck at the local bookmakers, who have agents everywhere, playing at online bookmakers, where the […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Best Betting VPN

VPNs have become popular among punters, is an effective tool when making bets from countries where the bookie or one of the bookie products is blocked, for example in the UK some bookmakers only accept UK players for the casino or the sportsbook and any other user in Europe cannot use the product, but with […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Betfair : playing mobile or apps (Android/iOS)?

Betfair was launched in 1999 and quickly became the largest sports betting exchange online. This gambling product of the company is the most popular, but there are others as well. Betfair offers a sportsbook, casino, bingo, and poker. All of them are available on mobile as well, either as a separate application or through the […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Best Ice Hockey Betting Betting Sites Dec 2023

Ice hockey is one of the most popular winter sports out there. It has a massive audience in countries like the USA, Canada, and Russia. In fact, it’s considered a national sport in many northern nations across the globe. If you are looking for the best sites to start betting on Ice Hockey, here is […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

African Online Bookmakers for Dec 2023

The African betting market is developing well in the past couple of years. If you are looking for reliable online bookmakers, there is plenty of choices. As you could imagine, some sportsbooks are better than others. This is why we decided to create this list of the top five best betting sites in Africa. […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2019

Best Live & In Play Betting Sites

Live betting is essential and very important in the betting industry, in the UK almost all operators offer the live betting service, each one has different characteristics, although some punters do not care about the differences, those small details in the service of live betting among the bookies make you earn or lose thousands of […]

Published by Bryan | 01-05-2019

No deposit bonus betting for Dec 2023

Here we have an exclusive list of the operators with the most sought-after bonus by the new punters, also by the regular punters with experience in sports betting. We are talking about the famous No Deposit Bonus,

Published by Bryan | 01-05-2019

Specials Betting Guide (TV shows, politics, …)

Ever since the Internet came around, online gambling has been thriving. Nowadays, there are millions of players and hundreds of sportsbooks that are trying to find their place on the market. The competition for customers is fierce and works in the best favour of the players. There are plenty of consequences such as promotions, high […]

Published by Bryan | 02-05-2018

What are the Best Betting Referral Bonus?

UK Top Betting Referral Offers Unibet referral bonus Unibet is one of the biggest names in the field of online sports betting in the United Kingdom. This bookie has many different things going for it. There is a variety of different sports and sports markets that are available for betting. There are many promotional offers […]

Published by Bryan | 12-03-2017

Betting Sites for Major League Baseball (MLB Betting Guide for 2023)

Baseball is still popular mostly in the USA, but it has been slowly building a global fan base as well. There are plenty of people around the world watching the Major League Baseball (MLB). It also attracts a decent amount of online bets. If you’re considering betting on MLB or other baseball leagues, there’s a […]