What are the best sports to bet on ?

There are many articles on the internet that says it earns more money in a particular sport than from bets on other sports. Their conclusion is usually that it would be better to focus on a particular sport than another, even if you’re not good at it, a concept that is quite ridiculous if you think about it well.

One rule: bet only on those you know well

A professional gambler makes constant long-term gain from sports betting and profit is about the same value each time around (of course, some differences may occur depending on luck). To win consistently professional bettor usually has a clear strategy of betting, which is improved over time. It becomes practical for sports betting rather something related to math and statistics and less luck. But in order to reach such a level and that analysis is correct, the bettor must know a lot of information, and much of it related to that sport.

It is obvious that the analysis of a match depends on the sport to sport. We can not look in the same way a soccer and a tennis game. Soccer games depend on the unavailable players, the way a team plays at home and away, the style of play of the two teams and many other aspects. The idea is that if a gambler is specialised in soccer and follows this sport for a long time, you can not tell that it is better to bet on tennis matches if he watches it occasionally or not at all.

It is unlikely to win more money from a sport that you do not know than from the one that we constantly follow. Plus it easier to assimilate information in your favourite sport. If you simply do not like tennis is quite difficult to learn everything about it.

The conclusion is simple: place sports betting only on those you know well.

The ideal is to do some experiments to see which types of bets are more profitable for you, but of course, you have to consider the sport and wager.

Individual or collective sports?

I bet you think that live bets on sports teams are more profitable than those in individual sports. First, psychology group has a strong effect on the direction it goes a sporting event. It is more difficult to predict the behaviour of a single player.

At a team sport, even if a player catches a bad day or is not in form, will not feel very much as his teammates can offset those weaknesses. At an individual sport, things are totally different. Of course, if you are well informed and know how to correctly analyse a match, you could detect any surprises even tennis or other sports. Anyway, I personally would recommend avoiding small odds betting on individual sports because they do not believe at all advantageous in the long term.


If you follow the matches in real time and choose your time well, then you can improve your winnings by placing bets with a smaller bet (small stake means a reduced risk of losing more money). Also, you can bet when the odds are in your favour. Choose your moment well, and he can bring you a substantial gain. For example, you wanted to play on a team or player, looking to pass some time and see what happens, can have a bad start and the odd to grow up a lot.

One of the major reasons for bets on soccer provides a reduced risk is that the bookies often make errors. They are good enough to publish the correct odds when it comes to betting, but in sports like soccer or American football, bookmakers have difficulty to set the correct odds for winners and losers. This is why rates vary greatly from one bookmaker to another.

When it comes to betting on soccer you can become lucky in choosing a favourite team, but you can also get lucky in finding odds given by a bookmaker that fits you better.

What type of bet?

What type of bet or what sport to choose? A question that most gamblers hardly find an answer that because bookmakers provide us with a lot of possibilities and combinations that are more or less appealing.

Logic would be the most profitable bets to be those with two versions of predictions (ie 12 or 1X X2). It showed statistically the chances of losing the amount bet if you choose one of the options 1, 2 or X are 66.7%. But if you choose to bet with two picks chances of winning are 50%, the risk of losing diminishes.

Professionals punters recommend betting on the number of goals for soccer and hockey matches, the total number of points for basketball and volleyball, or the number of games related to a tennis match. Any of these choices has a probability of success of 50%.

“Spread Betting”

For example, betting on a range 2-3 goals in soccer or betting that a team will not lose a basketball game more than 15 points; these are examples that fall into this category. These types of bets are very popular, as they are encountered in many sports. In the long term, they may even be profitable, especially if we identify favourable bets. For example, a bookmaker could give an outsider a fairly attractive rate for an eventual success, to persuade punters to bet that too. Maybe not worth still betting on a win, but if we expect to lose with dignity, then we can bet that he will not succumb to a difference of more than X goals/points depending on the sport.

Warrant Buffett had a famous phrase: “Do not invest in something you do not know.” Sports betting is an investment, and if you do not understand the reasons for that investment then you should be silent and not bet. The key to success is to find the best combination for you.

To see what type of bets is more profitable, it is recommended that bettors realise a long-term balance, and I refer here to a few months, and not 2-3 weeks. Only then can determine prognosis with the highest probability of winning and the most suitable sport for you.