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Top Sites for Boxing Betting in the UK

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William Hill is one of the best sites for boxing odds

Boxing is one of the most popular betting sports in the world, with a long history. It was among the first athletic disciplines to be subject to wagers. Boxing’s one on one nature makes it a difficult sport to predict, which is one reason people love to bet on it. Anything can happen in the ring and that unpredictability is a great aspect of the sport.

Millions of boxing fans bet on the sport each year. There are many sportsbooks to choose from, but only a few are truly considered the best boxing betting sites. These online bookies give bettors a multitude of options to choose from when betting on boxing.

What makes a great boxing betting website?

Latest odds on boxing fights

Latest odds on boxing fights

There are a lot of sports betting sites on the Internet, and more are popping up each day. But there are some things that make a boxing betting website ideal for customers.

  • Reputation – Punters betting money with websites with a poor reputation run the risk of getting ripped off. Websites who aren’t trustworthy may not pay out winnings or come up with an excuse for disqualifying a bet. Boxing bettors need to look for websites with a long reputation for providing high-quality service.
  • Markets – A variety of boxing markets gives bettors the chance to make multiple wagers or to find a bet that suits them. Limited markets and options leaves little room for excitement.
  • Promotions – Many of the top sportsbooks will offer punters incentives to wager on a big fight. Bonuses and promotions are common for bettors when title fights occur. Bettors should be on the lookout for websites that offer incentives when a big fight takes place.
  • In-play/live betting – In-play, or live betting, is one of the most popular features in online betting. It gives bettors the chance to see how a fight is going and a number of markets can be wagered on during about as they are updated. Punters can see just how a fight is going before placing a bet. In-play betting can also lead to more excitement during a big bout.
  • Mobile betting – The fast-paced world we live in doesn’t stop. This means bettors could be away from their desktop computer or laptop. A sportsbook website with an app or mobile website is key to providing a great service. Mobile betting gives customers the chance to bet on boxing on the go.

So, which sportsbook websites are the best for betting on boxing; and which offers customers everything listed above and more? The following are the besting boxing betting websites on the Internet.

William Hill Boxing: Our top pick for 2024

williamhillWilliam Hill was founded in 1934. The sportsbook has lasted the test of time and has a fantastic reputation as one of the United Kingdom’s best bookies. Since its inception, William Hill has offered boxing betting to its customers.

The website runs a number of promotions for big fights. Currently, William Hill is offering new customers £30 in free bets when they wager £10 on a boxing match. Customers will need to use the promotion code P30 to access the deal.

William Hill has plenty of betting options when it comes to boxing, with all important bouts covered from a variety of competitions from cruiserweight to heavyweights . Individual fight markets include ‘going the distance’, ‘method of result’, and ‘winner’. There is also round betting and live betting customers can enjoy at William Hill.

Bet365: A premium betting site for all major sports

Bet365 is known as one of the top three online sportsbooks in the world. The sportsbook was created in 2000, and is known as the most popular in the world. It has competitive odds, an extensive range of markets, quick payouts, and high levels customer satisfaction. The new customer offer is great for anyone looking for a new boxing betting website.

Bet365’s website is easy to navigate and customers can find its boxing markets quickly and easily. There is also in-play boxing betting courtesy of the Bet365 website. In addition, Bet365 has arguably the best live sports service of all online bookies. Over 140,000 sports events are broadcast live through the Bet365 website. Boxing fans will be able to find selected bouts to view and wager on thanks to Bet365.

Ladbrokes: Get £30 free bets

LADBROKES ICONLadbrokes can trace its history back to 1886. The sportsbook has been around for a long time and boxing has always been a staple of it. New customers to Ladbrokes can get £30 in free bets when they wager £10 on a sporting event. In addition, customers will find an array of promotions each day.

Ladbrokes has an almost endless selection of boxing betting options. It also has a feature called ‘Get a Price’, whereby you can access prop bet that aren’t seen on other boxing betting sites. Punters can also use Ladbrokes’ live streaming option to watch matches and to stay up to date on bouts in-play.

Ladbrokes also has virtual boxing, which not many other sites offer. That means you can still bet on some form of boxing, even in between real-life events.

Betway: Take profit from the £30 free credit

Betway offers new customers up to £30 in free bets when they open an account. Customers can also become part of Betway’s Free Bet Club and receive £10 in free bets each week. Both are great incentives for punters to bet on boxing with Betway.

Not only can customers bet on boxing at the Betway website, but they can download the Betway app and wager on the go. The app is available via the Google Play store and punters can access their Betway accounts from anywhere. It gives customers the chance to take great boxing betting with them wherever they go. The app is also available for iOS.

Betway not only lists the biggest fights in boxing, but it lists a number of bouts off the ‘big fight’ list. Customers can find fights to wager on most nights of the week. Betway claims to have the highest odds on boxing betting events. Fight coverage is comprehensive at Betway, with a long list of markets to choose from for each contest. Whether you want to bet on a title fight or undercard bout, Betway won’t let you down.

Paddy Power: The best for mobile bettors

Despite only being a decade old, Paddy Power has built a strong boxing betting reputation in both its homeland Ireland and further afield. The sportsbook makes regular promos as a benefit for its customers, all the whole serving up competitive odds.

Paddy Power lists all the big fights and more. Members can encounter a wide selection  of boxing bets. What’s more, Paddy Power offers a live streaming section, whereby customers can bet on action as it unfolds. Check the streams to see what is viewable today.

New customers to Paddy Power will find several promotions.

What types of boxing bets are there?

Most top-level sportsbooks offer a variety of boxing bets. These can be quite diverse, but with a little research – and sometimes luck – punters can pick the right one to win large sums of cash. The most basic boxing betting types are as follows:

  • To win the fight – The most straightforward of all the boxing bets a customer can make. For this type of bet, a punter must simply wager on the fighter he or she believes will win the bout. A ‘to win the fight’ bet will be offered by every sportsbook that promotes boxing.
  • Winning round – Customers must select the round in which a fighter will win the bout. Punters may be able to bet solely on the round the fight will end in. Major sportsbooks will also offer customers the chance to wager on the fighter they believe will win and the round it will occur in.
  • Winning group of rounds – While selecting the round in which victory will occur is difficult, ‘winning group of rounds’ gives bettors a little leeway in their wager. For this type of bet, customers will select a grouping of rounds to wager on. If victory is claimed during the group, then the bet is a winner. For example, a 12-round fight may be broken down into three rounds of four groups: rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. Customers will need to select the correct group in which victory will be achieved. In addition, punters may be able to wager on the winning boxer and which group of rounds he or she will win the bout in.
  • Round totals – Round totals is an over/under bet on how may rounds the fight will last. For example, a bout may be set at 7 rounds. Therefore, a punter will take the under or the over of 7. The seventh round is typically the number the over/under is set at in boxing by major sportsbooks.
  • Method of victory – Bettors will wager on how a fighter wins the bout. Customers can choose by knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, blood stoppage, points or draw.

Boxing betting tips and tricks

There are several tips and tricks boxing bettors can use to increase their chances of winning money. In addition, these can also increase a punters enjoyment level in boxing betting.

  • Betting options – The biggest boxing bouts in the world will have far more markets than the smaller events. The number of markets always reflects sportbook and customer interest in the bout. When Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fought in Las Vegas in August 2017, the number of markets for the fight was nearly endless. Punters could select the normal boxing betting markets, but the prop bets offered by sportsbooks were staggering. Boxing fans will have so much choice in terms of bets for the major fights.
  • In-play betting – Top sports bettors use in-play betting to their advantage. It gives punters the chance to see just how a match is going before placing a bet. Punters who want to be successful at boxing betting should watch the in-play betting stats before making a wager. It can greatly increase their chances of winning.
  • Look for promotions – When the big fights take place, the top sportsbooks will offer incentives to interest customers to bet. Every major and minor sportsbook offered betting incentives for the Mayweather/McGregor fight. Many of the customers who took advantage of the promotions were able to walk away with extra cash in their winnings or free bets on future fights or sporting events. Boxing bettors should never overlook promotions when a big bout takes place.

What boxing bettors should know

Boxing has four main bodies or leagues. It consists of the World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC), International Boxing Federation (IBF), and the most prestigious one, the World Boxing Organisation (WBO). In addition, boxing has 17 different weight divisions. Each boxing federation and weight class has its own world title and bouts for belts take place regularly. These two factors lead to big-time boxing matches taking place nearly every week. With world titles on defence, the major sportsbook will list the fight on their website.

Major boxing events like Mayweather/McGregor or Anthony Joshua versus Alexander Povetkin are few and far between. The former is something viewers may only see once in a lifetime while the latter is a once a year type of fight. Regardless, it is the big fight that draws many bettors to boxing. Whether casual, hardcore, or novice to boxing betting, big fights attract anyone interested in the sport.

Boxing is one of the oldest and historically rich sports in the world. It is a top sport for betting and every week, major sportsbooks offer punters the chance to wager on the biggest and best fighters in the world.

Top Boxing Betting Sites Summary

  1. William Hill
  2. Bet365
  3. Ladbrokes
  4. Betway
  5. Paddy Power

This article is an independent review of the top sites for boxing in the UK for 2024. No payment or advantages from the bookmakers listed has been made to influence the ranking.

Disclaimer: The above information is subject to change, please refer to Bet365 online platforms for the latest updates. 

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