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200% First Deposit Match, up to £580.
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4raBet Promo Code: 4MAX

4rabet Offers Bonuses 2024 4rabet Promo Code: 4MAX

Sports Betting

200% bonus


Deposit Incentive Through PayTM

Win Up to £350 / the equivalent in rupees


Winning Cases

Up to £350 / the equivalent in rupees


Telegram Channel Subscription

More Bonuses Available


Registering with the 4rabet Promo Code: 4MAX

4rabet is arguably one of the lesser-known Internet betting providers available in 2024. However, the site offers a good range of casino and sport betting options for their growing number of members, and the obligatory registration process can be completed in just a couple of minutes. The exact process is shown below.

  • Click on the purple registration link in the top right of the home page
  • Enter an email address and password to be associated with the account
  • Enter our 4raBet promo code, and agree to the declaration
  • Click on sign up to complete the process and open the account

Bonuses for Each Product

4Rabet welcome bonus

4rabet does not have a huge range of bonuses available for their members, but they aren’t without some attractive offers. All of the available bonuses for both current and existing members are outlined below.

200% First Deposit Match

It is fairly common to see a provider offering a 100% first deposit match for new members, but 200% is rarely seen and provides a valuable incentive for new customers. Like any first deposit promotion, there is a maximum amount that any new player can be credited with. For 4rabet, this maximum amount is currently £580. This is a considerable amount when compared with other providers in the UK. Enter 4rabet Promo Code  in order to get it.

Some customers may be disappointed that this welcome bonus requires a deposit, but the size of the available bonus will likely overshadow this disappointment.

Deposit Incentive Through PayTM

The site is actively encouraging members to make their deposits via this method, as is seen with the promotion on offer. Players must sign up for a PayTM card through the 4rabet site, but after doing so the deposit incentives are quite attractive. The maximum available deposit bonus is almost £350, providing a player makes a deposit of £115 or more. This is a very handy bonus should players choose to take advantage of the incentives on offer with PayTM.

There are also multiple levels in terms of the deposit bonuses via this method. For example, if a player did not want to deposit such a large amount but they wanted to still access the bonus, the promotion covers funds as low as a £3 deposit. This means that even players who are making a deposit of £3 can still enjoy additional bonus funds from 4rabet.

Winning Cases

Members can actually purchase these cases with real money, on the guarantee that the case will contain a monetary amount between the specifically stated bonus incentives. There are well over 10 cases available for purchase on the site, yet players are taking a risk when purchasing them due to the fact that the range available for each case is quite large. For example, players can purchase the most expensive case for £70, yet the potential rewards range from £1 – £350.

This promotion is all about the luck of the draw. Cheaper cases are available for purchase, and players can pick and choose these depending on their total account balance, as well as how much they are trying to win.

Telegram Channel Subscription

While there isn’t a specific promotion available through this option, by signing up members will be able to see a larger range of bonuses than they can from the main desktop site. These vary constantly, so members will need to check back on the Telegram page daily to see what is currently on offer. In addition to extra bonuses seen through this subscription, members will have easy access to competition updates, statistical information for specific events and much more.

Bonus Terms: What players Need to Know

Since 4rabet is a licensed online betting provider, they need to abide by certain regulations and ensure that their members meet the legal requirements for online betting. Luckily, there appears to only be one main restriction for those looking to sign up with 4rabet, as shown below.

Players must be at least 18 years old to gamble with real money on the site

Besides this one restriction, the regulations are actually quite relaxed. Of course the site has a set of tailored terms and conditions for each of their available promotions, however these are far from extensive.

FAQ: Key Information to Keep in Mind When Registering With 4rabet Promo Code

  1. What exact betting options are available with 4rabet?

4rabet provides an all in one online betting service. This means that the site offers sports betting, casino games and even live dealer play (specific for casino games).

  1. What sports can I bet on?

The sports available with 4rabet are cricket, football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, UFC, greyhound racing, esports, table tennis, ice hockey, martial arts and horse racing. In addition to this range of sports, there are various markets available that are specific to each event.

  1. Can I deposit and withdraw my money easily?

4rabet currently supports deposits and withdrawals all the most used payments methods. You will have zero issue making transactions on the website.

  1. Can I reach the customer support team easily if I have any problems with my account?

4rabet does have a customer support team, and there are two methods that customers can use to contact them. The two currently available methods are email and live chat. It is unclear whether the site will implement a customer service phone line in the near future.

  1. Does the site cater to in-play betting?

The site does have in-play betting as an option through their sportsbook. Players can actually search for live events through specifying this in the sportsbook search bar. From there, they will be able to see the entire range of live events that may currently be taking place.

  1. Can I gamble using a mobile device?

4rabet does have a mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android devices. There is also a fully functional mobile site where players can access their account. After logging in through the mobile site or mobile app, players can place wagers on upcoming events or live events.

Quality of Platform: A Closer Look on 4rabet 

Ergonomy: Easy to Use

  • Site aesthetics

4rabet is quite visually appealing in terms of the overall presentation for both the desktop and mobile platforms. They have an enticing blend of lightning blue and black throughout the site, and the sites graphics are also relatively crisp. These together give the site a quality feeling for the end-user.

  • Sportsbook presentation

While the sportsbook is not overly simple to navigate, the overall appearance and presentation of the sports and markets are quite good. Odds are readily available next to the respective sports, and the markets can be accessed with just one click. However, the complexity of navigation does make the sportsbook somewhat difficult to use.

  • Casino section

Again, the actual navigation required to reach the casino section of the site is not obvious. After accessing the section, it does become clear that the options are somewhat limited. The games are also not presented particularly enticingly.

 A Respectable Range of Sports

  • Available sports

4rabet has a respectable range of sports that can be accessed on their site. Members can actually place wagers on over 10 sports, which isn’t the most extensive range seen online but it isn’t the least extensive either. The sports offered are not exactly the most well-known sports around the world either, and many of the major leagues are not covered.

  • Competitiveness of odds

The available odds for the range of sports that 4rabet does offer are actually very competitive. They are presented in a decimal format, and it is clear that many of the available sports have odds that are more enticing than other providers. This is likely due to the fact that some of the sports offered are not even available to bet on with other sites.

Banking Options

Deposit & Withdrawals

Find hereunder all the different payment methods you’ll be able to use on 4rabet. There 15 different options.

4rabet method payment

Customer Support Quality

  • Live chat

This is accessible from the bottom right-hand corner on the site, and members can find answers to common questions through this option. In order to communicate with a customer support agent, members will need to request this from the live chat service.

  • Email

An email link is provided on the site, yet the actual response time is not specified.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

Mobile Application 

  • Available for iOS and Android

Players can access 4rabet through the mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android users. Players can also sign up for the first time from the app, and of course log in as usual once the app has been downloaded.

  • In-play betting

Some Internet betting providers can restrict live betting from their mobile apps, but 4rabet allows full access to live betting on their app. Players will need a suitable internet connection speed to ensure they are receiving the latest odds as well as up to date game statistics.

Mobile Site

  • Same bonus incentive

New players can sign up from the mobile site as well as from the desktop and mobile app. 4rabet has also ensured that the 200% first deposit bonus can be claimed through the mobile site signup as well as the other two platforms.

  • Advertisement free

Sometimes Internet betting providers can load up their mobile sites and apps with external advertisements, which can lead to a cluttered and unappealing site. 4rabet has avoided this by keeping their mobile site ad-free.

Our Review: Recommended

4rabet is an exciting new site, and they have created an appealing platform despite only being in business since 2018. Their graphics and overall aesthetics are good, and all of their platforms create the impression of a quality site. On the flip side to this, their site is incredibly difficult to navigate compared with other providers.

Furthermore, while their sportsbook has a reasonable offering they have failed to cover all of the major sports and leagues around the world. This, therefore, restricts the overall options available to their members. In terms of their casino offering, while it technically covers all of the bases the depth for each type of gaming is relatively poor. There are few variations for the slot games, as well as the table games and live play. Do not forget to enter the 4rabet Promo Code.

To really grow and establish their site, 4rabet will need to add many more sports to their offering, and radically increase their casino offering before they become a major player in the Internet betting industry.

Top 2 Alternatives to 4RABET


1xbet app1xbet

1xbet India is a globally recognized Internet betting brand. They have a well-established site in many countries, with their international (including India) site being a further extension to their offerings. The site has a relatively comprehensive sportsbook, as well as many different markets contained within their sports offerings. Their bonuses and promotions are still tailored to physical prizes rather than monetary incentives, which may not settle well with all potential customers.



Pinnacle while similar to 4rabet is also quite unique in terms of their primary offering. The site focuses exclusively on fantasy sports betting, which of course 4rabet does not. However, Pinnacle has greater monetary bonuses in place than 4rabet, and this could attract many new customers. Members of the site may miss out on the thrill of real sports betting after a while. Get started with our exclusive Pinnacle VIP code.


4raBet promo code validity: 31/12/2024 

Last update: May 2024