Online betting versus Offline betting: which way to bet is better?

This is a question that gamblers ask themselves many years, and which I will try to answer, taking into account all relevant issues, and putting them in balance.

Advantages online betting

There are quite a lot to say. I will list them below those that are very important and should decide a gambler to play online.

At online bookmakers can bet wherever we are (see our list of top UK bookmakers). If you have an account with a bookmaker then we can bet no matter where we are. The condition is to have an internet connection, whether we are talking about PC, laptop, phone or tablet. We thus bet when we are in college, at work, on holiday at the sea or mountains or stadium watching your favourite team.

We can bet anytime online – betting agencies have not fixed schedule, so to speak, we can bet 24 hours per day. We need only an Internet connection to place our bet, whether we like it we do at 7 o’clock in the morning before leaving home or at night at 24 before we put to sleep.

We can bet live – All online bookmakers offers the opportunity to bet live 24 hours per day. The best online bookmakers have in every minute at least an event where you can bet in real time. Furthermore, we can bet live, using a mobile app device with Internet connection, when we are in the stadium at a soccer game or basketball game.

Bookmakers offer bonuses – Most of them have a bonus on your first deposit or bet. Whether we are talking about a percentage of the amount deposited or a risk-free bet these bonuses did not how to attract attention. These bonuses can be a starting point for punters who are just starting out.

Online we are able to close a bet ongoing – If I played a prediction and the game is not proceeding as we expect, we can close our bet and longer recover a part of the stake. Or the bet placed is more likely to come out, we can close our bet before it can be decided so quickly to win a smaller amount, and get rid of emotions.

Technical support at any time – for novice gamblers is very important to be able to receive accurate and concrete answers to any question or problem related to sports betting. Gamblers have available a live chat where can talk about any problems faced, and other forms of contact are email address where receive answers within a short time and phone numbers where can call.

Live broadcasts of major sporting events – Besides the live betting platform that you find in all major bookmakers, some offer customers the ability to watch sporting events on which betting. These broadcasts can be watched for free if you have a positive balance of the account. They come to help because bettors can track the evolution of a team or player and can make the best decisions about forecasts selected.

Possibility to manage a budget suitable for betting. Although at first glance you say it is not an important issue, it can be very useful for bettors who spend too much money. Thus at bookmakers, you can set limits for deposits per month, so you can not spend more money than the original plan.

Disadvantages of betting on internet

Gains from online bookmakers are raised a little harder – When withdrawing from online bookies we get the money in your bank account approximately 2-5 working days. So if you make a withdrawal Friday it could take about a week until we get the money, that while offline can raise your winnings the same day.

The temptation to bet live – Many people complain that they lose money because many are betting a lot. A gambler but must be balanced and have self-control. Who knows he has these qualities then it definitely will not have problems with the temptation to bet live on matches in competitions unknown.

The possibility of limiting or blocking Account. The limitation to a bookmaker can easily escape by opening an account with another agency. There are plenty of agencies that do not limit players, but equally true is that there are some agencies where those who earn more are limited, but these online bookmakers can be avoided easily by searching on the internet.

Pros&Cons to offline bookmakers

Advantages of offline bookmakers

Raising money quickly – in most bookies, offline agencies earnings can rise only a few tens of minutes after the ticket was a winner. It is considered a great advantage by those who bet exclusively offline to raise amounts that immediately won, unlike online punters who expect generally 2-4 working days to get the withdrawals.

Various bonuses offered for multiple bets – Those who hold offline bookmakers are aware that as more players bet on a ticket with events that take the chances to lose grow. Therefore  offers bonuses for the tickets who have at least 5-6 events, bonuses that are up to doubling earnings per ticket if you reach 20 or 30 events

Disadvantages offline betting

The risk of not being able to bet whatever reason – certainly the vast majority of those who play constantly offline missed a ticket once for various reasons. First on the list would be arriving late in the agency. Another reason is the lack of current or Internet issues that can put us trouble.

Mistakes made by operators – Again there are many who found themselves at least once a forecast unelected them. When playing 1-2 tickets this is not a big problem because we know what we chose and observe any error. But if we have 10 tickets with 9-10 prediction each ticket, is hard to remember everything that had played at home and can sneak a mistake.