Odds Converter & Calculator

Most bookmakers offer the odds conversion option for all users, including for visitors who do not have an account in the bookie. This option is available so that users can change the odds of decimals to fractions or americans, but in UK and Europe they are mostly offered Decimals with the conversion to fractions.

Fractional to decimal conversion

here is the table conversion on main odds between fractional and decimal:

Fractional Decimal
1/10 1.10
1/9 1.11
1/8 1.12
1/7 1.14
1/6 1.17
1/5 1.20
2/9 1.22
1/4 1.25
2/7 1.29
3/10 1.30
1/3 1.33
4/11 1.36
2/5 1.40
4/9 1.44
1/2 1.50
8/15 1.53
4/7 1.57
8/13 1.62
4/6 1.67
8/11 1.73
4/5 1.80
5/6 1.83
10/11 1.91
1/1 or "evens" 2.00
11/10 2.10
6/5 2.20
5/4 2.25
11/8 2.38
6/4 2.50
13/8 2.63
7/4 2.75
9/5 2.80
15/8 2.86
2/1 3.00
85/40 3.12
11/5 3.20
9/4 3.25
12/5 3.40
5/2 3.50
13/5 3.60
11/4 3.75
3/1 4.00
10/3 4.33
7/2 4.50
4/1 5.00
9/2 5.50
5/1 6.00
11/2 6.50
6/1 7.00
13/2 7.50
7/1 8.00
15/2 8.50
8/1 9.00
17/2 9.50
9/1 10.00
10/1 11.00
11/1 12.00
12/1 13.00
14/1 15.00
15/1 16.00
16/1 17.00
18/1 19.00
20/1 21.00
25/1 26.00
33/1 34.00
40/1 41.00
50/1 51.00
66/1 67.00
100/1 101.00

Odds Calculators on Betting Sites

The main bookies that offer odds conversion are:

Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Winner, Betfair, Betfred, Bet-at-Home, Coral, BetVictor, Betway, Bodog, Bwin, Bovada, Dafabet, Jetbull, Matchbook, Pinnacle, SkyBet, Sportingbet, Unibet, just to mention the more-known In the UK it is common to see bookmakers with the option to change the odds from fractional to decimal in the upper corner of the website or in the options of the player’s profile.

In general, all bookmakers offer this tool for punters, it is one of the most sought-after options by punters because many odds and free tips usually show the decimal odds and some bookies offer fractional odds.

Online Converters & Tools

The best websites for odds conversion

In case you need a website to make the conversion out of the bookie, there are a variety of websites that offer the service totally free to convert the odds to multiple types of odds. Here we have the best sites:

oddsconverter.co.uk: this is one of the best-known services on the internet, it offers the 3 main conversions, fractional, american and decimal. It also offers a pair of charts with quick conversions at a glance. This website is possibly the most complete for odds conversion, not only because it offers the odds conversion service, but because it combines a series of tools related to conversion, such as bet calculator, profit calculator, best bonuses for bookies, etc. This website is the favorite of many punters to calculate trebbles or accumulators.

sportsbookreview.com: Here users can find reviews of the bookies but also the tool to convert the odds according to what they need, the calculator shows users the implied probability which is the odds odds for a sports selection. 1.54 decimal odds has a 64.94% chance of victory.

oddsshark.com: With this simple calculator users can convert the 3 main types of odds and set the amount of money per bet, the calculator will do all the addition and subtraction to show the user how much money can win and what are the chances of victory .

betsmart.co: This last service provider does not offer a calculator but a table for users to learn how to perform a conversion of odds manually without the need to automate the process, it is a bit slower than the other provider websites.

The types of odds

There are 3 main types of odds, those odds are used in most bookies, but there are also other known odds in few parts of the world such as Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia, in reality the difference is little with the odds. But let’s just talk about the 3 main types:

Fractional Odds: These are the odds offered mostly in the UK and some countries in Europe, this type of odds is basically the most difficult to understand due to the complexity it represents for new punters.

Decimal Odds: These are very popular among the punters since they are the easiest to calculate, they are simply defined as multiples of the stake, for example if a punter makes a £ 100 pound bet with 2.35 odds in a football match, the punter only You must multiply the stake amount by the odds to get the amount of money you will get if you win the bet.

Moneyline odds (american): In the United States moneyline odds are the most used by casinos and bookmakers, but odds are indicators of the chances of a selection to win a sporting event, -150 (negative moneyline) is given to favorites and moneyline with a symbol positive (+100) is basically for underdogs.


What are the easiest odds to understand?

The easiest types of odds to understand are the decimals, because as we explained above, this type of odds only requires a quick calculation to get 2 important things in a bet, the first is the amount of money to win and the second is the probability that a selection has of winning a sporting event.


If a selection has odds of 1.50 this gives you a 55% chance of winning the sporting event, the lower the decimal odds, the higher the probability of winning that bet on the part of the selection, but also the payment It will be much smaller if you win the bet. To obtain the amount of money the stake is multiplied by 1.50 or the odds of the selection at the time of the bet.

Do bookies apps offer odds conversion?

Most apps of the best bookies offer the option to change the odds according to what the punter needs, in case of not having information about the availability of the option the punters can contact the customer care for more information.

Are all the odds updated in the same way in the bookies, are some more advantageous than others?

The only advantage that some odds have are the ease of understanding for the punters, the rest there is no difference in the payment of money to winning bets, all odds pay the same be decimals, fractional or American.

Actually the conversion of the odds does not offer any reasonable advantage to the punters, it is just one more way to adapt the odds to the needs of a person who does not understand some kind of odd.

The most advisable is to learn the most basic and easiest types of odds, from decimal and fractional to moneyline, it is not necessary to learn the Asian variations since none of the best bookies in the world actually use those variations unless they travel to Hong Kong .

Do not forget to have a conversion table of odds always available on your smartphone or PC to consult it quickly when you need it.

Last Update: May 2019