Champions League tips and predictions 2024

Welcome to this short read on some of the best Champions League predictions available today. All our predictions are thoroughly researched, and we aim to bring you the best value possible – so please enjoy our predictions and be sure to watch the games when you can!

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Upcoming Champions League Betting Tips – 2020/2021

There’s certainly no shortage of tipster websites out there today, but many are just poorly researchedand don’t really provide true value for the end customer. We take pride in the betting tips and advice that we’ve produced here, and the great thing about the Champions League is that there are countless markets to bet on.

Each and every game at the knockout stage of the Champions League is huge, there’s no disputing that. So with huge games taking place on a weekly basis, you deserve betting tips that match the hype of these games. You’ll find details of these tips and strategies right here below.

Bet on the favorite team to qualify if they lose the first leg 

As the heading here suggests, when the favorite team loses the first leg in the knockout stage, you can usually find great odds on them to qualify through to the next round. This is because they absolutely have to perform in the next leg if they are to go through, but the best teams in the world have a habit of performing well when their backs are against the wall.

It’s also particularly beneficial to bet on these markets when the return leg takes place at the home stadium of the favorite team. This is where you can find huge value in these markets.

Bet on the underdog if the first leg is at their home stadium

In the knockout stage of any tournament, anything really can happen. Usually when an underdog goes up against a huge team, but the first leg is in front of their home crowd, inspired performances can and do happen! When you look at this strategy, you will want to find the equivalent moneyline market, and when you see that the odds are over 2.0, you know that you are getting value for money.

Anytime you bet on the underdog however, it is always going to carry a certain degree of risk. This is why you shouldn’t bet too much, and you should always monitor your bank balance before going for these riskier plays.

Place a Golden Boot bet before the tournament actually begins 

You can get some fantastic odds by using this strategy, given that so much can change during the Champions League competition. You could have major teams go out in the group stage, or early into the knockout stage, and you could have players that suddenly hit great form and hit the back of the net numerous times.

Take the time to analyze what players have been in top scoring form before the Champions League begins, and then check out the corresponding odds for these players at your favorite online bookies.

Champions League accumulator tips

Champions League winner tips

For those who feel like putting through a few more extravagant Champions League bets, there is always the option to put forward some accumulator predictions. By combining teams together there is the chance to get a higher payout for your bets, but then there is also the additional risk – it all depends how confident you are feeling!

What is an acca bet?

An acca bet is a type of bet where you have combined multiple selections into the same betting slip. In order to win these bets, you need to get all of your predictions correct, which can be difficult to do, especially in football.

Where to find accumulator picks?

There are many online betting sites out there that have pre-set accumulators for the Champions League, and these often consist of three or more teams into one accumulator. What you will normally find is that there are two fairly certain selections, and then one pick that is quite risky – but after all, that is where the enjoyment can often come from for accumulator bets.

How to place an accumulator

To place an accumulator bet, all you need to do is pick your teams and they will all be listed in your ‘betslip’ at your chosen online bookmaker. Once you have made all of your selections, you will see the total odds for that bet, and then you must simply enter your stake and place the wager.

How to calculate acca odds returns?

What you must do to calculate accumulator returns is multiple each selection by each other to find the total. For example, say you bet on three markets at 1.3, 1.2, and 1.7 respectively, you would just multiply all of these together to see your potential returns. Many online bookies have this system built-in these days, so you don’t need to worry too much about this!

Major Bets to Make in the Champions League Tournament

Champions League final tips

Some of the most common bets that you can make in the Champions League include tournament outrights, moneyline markets, top-scorer for the tournament, spread betting on individual games, and country of winning team. We’ve broken down the most popular of these bets below.

Making a tournament outright bet before or during the event

Even though we are well into the tournament, you can still place a tournament outright bet, which is essentially where you bet on who will lift the trophy this year. You can find odds for every team that is still left in the tournament for this market.

Placing a moneyline bet for any game taking place

A moneyline bet is a bet placed on the winner of an individual game, rather than the tournament itself. For example, in the upcoming game against Juventus and Lyon, you could make a moneyline bet for Juventus to beat them. To win this bet, of course, your team must win the game.

Choosing the top scorer at the end of the event

You can actually place this bet before the tournament begins, and you can also place it once the tournament is well underway. Once the tournament is underway the odds for this market will fluctuate based on who is scoring and who isn’t, but you can lock in some great odds for this market before the tournament begins and up to the quarter-finals. After this stage, the odds tend to drop as it becomes more predictable.

Champions League Predictions FAQs

Have you still got questions and concerns about the Champions League predictions throughout this piece? Just read below for further clarification on the information provided here.

What is the Champions League?

The Champions League is an event that takes place between all of the top teams in Europe. The teams must initially qualify through their own domestic leagues, and then they will be eligible to compete to lift the Champions League crown.

Who are the previous Champions League winners?

In the 2018/2019 tournament, Liverpool managed to win the trophy under the management of the prolific, Jurgen Klopp.

How can I find pundits’ Champions League predictions?

This is something that you can also find online by doing a quick search, but please be warned, certain pundit sites try and charge you for their predictions, which is completely unnecessary unless you are trying to get into professional sports betting.

Which are the best bookmakers to bet on the Champions League?

The best online bookmakers to bet on for the Champions League are those with a great reputation, attractive odds, and a wide range of betting markets. Sites such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, and Coral are good places to start.

How can I find Champions League betting offers?

While you can do a quick Google search for this term, we would recommend visiting various online bookies to get offers specifically for this event. Since it is a huge event, online bookies regularly serve up offers that are tailored to the various Champions League markets, and they can be used by both new and existing players.

Champions League Betting Predictions Conclusion

We hope that you’ve found immense value on the hints and advice given throughout this short read. Make sure that you keep track of what games are coming up, and make sure that you monitor the news about this tournament closely so that you can seek out additional value where possible. There truly are some great bets to be made over the upcoming weeks, and we would hate for you to miss out on any of them.

Will it be Liverpool who lifts the trophy this year, or will it be somebody else? We will all need to wait a few months yet to answer this question, but we don’t need to wait to continue making calculated bets along the way. Use our advice, do your research, monitor the team news, and we have a sneaky feeling that you’ll have a rewarding Champions League tournament for your sporting bets!