bet365 responsible gambling tips

Betting can and should be an enjoyable activity first and foremost. There is absolutely nothing wrong with placing a friendly wager from time to time on a sporting event that takes your fancy. However, some people are prone to losing control when betting on sports, and that is why it is important to highlight some tips so that you do not become one of those people. It is always important to bet responsibly, and with bet365, there are certain measures that you can take to ensure that your betting behaviours never reach the stage of being out of control.

I will be looking at a couple of these features in this short post, and I will also provide you with some tips to ensure that when you do bet with bet365, it will always remain fun and never becomes a problem. Just read on below for full details.

bet365 responsible gambling

Bet365 responsible betting tips

Gambling responsibly is a big deal, and it’s something that bet365 takes very seriously. That is precisely why the site has enabled players to set certain limits on their accounts in order to encourage responsible play.

Deposit limits

One of the first factors that are highly important to gamble responsibly with bet365 is the deposit limits that you can set. These can be determined through the settings in your account, and you can choose to place a deposit limit on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I would highly advise that you set a limit that you are comfortable with here, as this can be a great way to ensure that you never overspend on gambling. Looking out for bet365 bonus codes can be another useful way of making sure you get value on your entertainment time.

Reality check

This is quite a new feature of the bet365 site, but in my personal experience, I have found it to be particularly useful. Basically, the reality check is a pop-up that will appear on the screen if you are coming close to your designated playing time limits on the site. Just like the deposit limits that are outlined above, you can alter the reality check settings in your account. For example, you may choose to set a reality check limit of 1-hour, meaning that the site will always prompt you when you are approaching this limit.

You will then be presented with the opportunity to stay logged in, or log out and end your gambling session.

Further tips

As great as these two security measures are, I do have some further advice for those of you who want to make absolutely certain of responsible gambling. Firstly, I would advise keeping a log of how much you have actually spent on gambling for a particular time frame. You could keep these notes in a logbook in your home, and it allows you to really get a snapshot of how much of your money you are actually allocating to this activity.

On top of this, I would always encourage you to bet a small amount and never chase losses. Finally, if you ever feel like things are getting a bit out of hand, I would advise going down the self-exclusion route so that you do not even have the chance to bet in the first place.