Bet365 Boxing Betting Guide May 2024

Bet365 introduced betting on boxing much later after its establishment. Having played at the site for a while, I put this down to make boxing betting at the site easier and more fun for you. 

Bet365 Boxing Betting – Variety of games

Bet365 offers a nice variety of boxing games to enjoy. The diverse collection ensures that all categories of boxing lovers are catered for. When I was interested in MMA (as I’ve always been), I had options to stake on, and when I discovered the newly found love for Golden Contract, the site had some options I could enjoy. Boxing variants available at Bet365 boxing section are:


 The boxing tab is understandably the largest in the section. The tab offers a lot of betting options that cut across all boxing events, whether usual matches or tournaments and competitions. MMA lovers are duly covered, I assure you. A mention of notable options at this tab include To Win Fight, Round Betting, Total Rounds, When Will Fight End, Fight to Go To The Distance, Method of Victory – Exact, Fight Outcome, Round Group Betting, When Will Fight End Groups (1) When Will Fight End Groups (2) and many more. As you would agree, this is a truly nice tab.


Widely seen as the largest sponsor of boxing tournaments, UFC betting is as well available. It is next after the boxing tab in games composition. This tab offers an impressive range of staking opportunities. Exclusive bet types that are often unavailable at other boxing sites are just at the tip of your fingers here. UFC options you can stake on at Bet365 include Fight Go to The Distance, Total Rounds, To Win Fight, and others. 

Bet365 Boxing Guide


 For the lovers of this unique boxing type that combines Japanese and American styles, you are as well attended to, although not comprehensively. Bet365 offers a cool option to stake on under this variant. The staking option is considerably few, but that could be understood as bettors are not expected to bet on the Bellator variant only. 

Golden Contract Featherweights

 An exclusive boxing division, Golden Contract is a newly founded boxing tournament that pitch 8 players against each other. This isn’t a very popular event yet as no big name has made an appearance: obviously due to the status of the contest.

Bet365 Boxing Betting Odds

Bet365 offers favorable odds on all of its sports and the boxing tab isn’t excluded. Odds at the section are reasonable and often higher than the market’s average. Events with total possibility of happening still manage to get above 1.05. Truly impressive. How to bet on Boxing at Bet365

Bet365 Mobile App – Boxing

Bet365 does not have a dedicated mobile app for boxing betting, although I initially believed that it did. The Bet365 sports app combines sports betting with boxing betting among its functions. This is good news, especially for bettors who have an interest in enjoying sports as well. Yours dearly, in particular, is quite pleased with this arrangement. Moving on from this dual functionality, I’d love to mention the app’s extra features immediately. All boxing variants available on the mobile app can be streamed live. Good news, hehe? You can stake on upcoming events and when the match begins, you have the opportunity of watching it live to see how things are going. There’s no need to subscribing to other channels to watch games live. In addition to this, in-play betting is allowed also. That means that you can bet on games as you stream live via the app.

Appearance-wise, the app is creatively designed. Set in the traditional green layout and coated with soft white, the interface is pleasant to behold as well as easy on the eyes. Navigation is another plus, given that icons are spick-and-span, and options stacked under a paternal button. The app does not store heavy caches, thereby assuring you of a smooth, uninterrupted betting experience. What’s more, games are instantly added as you make selections. 

To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

Bet365 Boxing Bets – Tips about using bet365 sportsbook Australia 

Experience is invariably the best tutor. I have played at the Bet365 sportsbook for years now and have also been an ardent follower of the boxing section since its inception. 

Here are a few effective tips that have come in handy whenever it mattered:

Be Bold with Dark Horses

 The most thrilling aspect of boxing is that one can never be sure of the outcome.  There’s always the possibility of an underdog toppling a top gun over 13 rounds. I understand you may prefer to be on the safer side, but since you’re unsure of any outcome, why not try the higher paying option? A vivid recent example is Anthony Joshua’s loss to Andy Ruiz in their first fixture.

Monitor Your Favorite Boxers

 Rule 1: never stalk a boxer, a single punch could knock you out. Rule 2: keep track of your favorite boxers. How so? The media is very helpful to be abreast of the latest happenings with boxers, especially when they have upcoming matches. Follow news about them. This will help you know if a particular boxer is not training well or other important knowledge could pop up.

Predict Knockouts

Some boxers have quite a reputation when it comes to knockout deliveries. I bid you identify such boxers and evaluate their past matches to see the most common rounds for knockouts. Having done so, study the opponent as well and draw a likely conclusion based on his stamina. Stake, and win big!

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