Tab Promo Code 2020: Daily Specials on Horse Racing & Sports

There are very few (if any) better online sportsbooks locally in Australia than TAB. Playing there is a lot of fun, and today we'll see how that can happen.

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Tab Promo Code: Great Odds on Sports & Daily Specials

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TAB stands for Totalisator Agency Board and of course, it is no longer government-owned. Now you can bet all sorts of sports, but to do that, you need to create an account.

Registering on Tab: A Guide Step by Step

It takes 4 steps to open your account at TAB, and we will now walk through all of them. Interestingly enough, in order for us to see the promos that the bookmaker has for us, we need to register first.

  1. As you click on the button which located in the top right corner, you will see a short form you have to fill out. Start by putting in your country of residence. Note that All the countries available are either Australia/New Zealand or some countries from Oceania.
  2. The second step takes to a rather standard form, full of personal info. This is where you also come up with your login credentials including a 4-digit code used for in-play betting
  3. If you wish to make a deposit now and get a small benefit, do it. If not, just skip this step entirely.
  4. Surprise, there is no final step. You simply have to agree with the account creation and enter the Tab Promo Code for Australia.
  5. This is where they will also prompt you to verify your account. This is optional at that point but it has to be done in 13 days, or the account will be suspended.

What You Can Find After Your Registration

After registering you can learn everything about the offers available on Tab on site. This is a list with some of them.

  • State of origin head to head special: If your team leads at half-time but loses, you get part of your bet back.
  • NBA finals: Available only during the NBA finals. If your team leads by 10+ points but loses, you get some refund.
  • NRL head to head special: After you bet on an NRL match, if your team leads by 8 points or more and loses, you get some consolation returns.
  • AFL head to head special: Pretty much the same as the NRL offer but this time we are talking about 6 points.
  • UFC 238 Tipping Comp: A one-time deal in which the person to pick the most winners on the card can win a trip to Vegas.
  • High Bat Offer: If your player scores 50 or more runs but is not the top scorer, you get some cash back.
  • Introducing Trio: Pick the top 3 runners in any race regardless of order
  • Everyday specials
  • TAB Rewards – a reward program of the bookmaker. Remember to enter your Tab Promo Code when you register.

FAQ: Key Information to Keep in Mind

Q: Do I have to deposit funds right away?

A: No, you do not. You can do that after you look around the website

Q: Can I bet in-play?

A: Yes, you can. TAB supports in-play betting fully

Q: Can I play on my phone?

A: Yes. There is also a mobile app, not just a mobile version of the website

Q: Do only new users take advantage of the promos?

A: No, most promos are available to all users regardless of their experience with TAB

Q: Is there a promo code I could use? 

Yes, you can enter the Tab Promo Code

Quality of Platform: A Closer Look on Tab

The time we spend at a gaming website really determines how much we enjoy it. Here we will outline what the advantages and the disadvantages of the TAB platform are

Ergonomy: Smooth & Easy to Use

It is a very bright interface that the site has with that green and white coloring. However, this is definitely not the most accessible sports betting website when it comes to navigation. The first thing that is quite noticeable is that in order to access your account information, you have to go through a couple of menus. Unlike other online sportsbooks, with TAB we do not have a little button in the top corner that takes us to our account details, preferences, deposits, etc. Here we have to go through Menu – > My Account – > My details. What’s worse, this page sometimes doesn’t work. Inexplicable! All the other buttons related to account management are also there. Accessing your bet history or deposit history is done through the same tab. We got nothing against it, it simply should have been located at a better place.

Another knock on the ergonomy of the interface is the fact that you cannot see all sports right away. Again, you have to click on the Menu, and only after it drops down, you have to find “Sports” just so that another list of buttons can pop out. In terms of time-saving, the TAB website isn’t the most efficient thing in the world. Many people want to be able to act quickly and place a last-second in-play wager. This may sometimes prove to be impossible with TAB. A great perk that is tough to encounter anywhere else is the “Next To Go” button. This section takes to a screen which displays the next events that are just about to start. This is regardless of the sport. That’s a very clever thing to have because players that want immediate action can see what match starts next and prepare to bet.

The other stuff is pretty conventional. You see your balance in the top right corner, you can check out your bet slip at the right side of the screen, and the middle is full of markets to bet on. The buttons with the prices might be a little bit too big, and that limits the number of markets you can see without having to scroll down.

Games: A Good Variety

We are sort of happy that TAB has separate buttons for racing and sports. Most sportsbooks don't differentiate between the two putting them together. Here, you have 3 main sections of the Menu

  • Racing
  • Sports
  • In-play

Racing: Being an Australian bookmaker, TAB is very big on racing. The first thing we noticed is that they call it simply “racing.” Many other bookies out there have Horse racing and greyhounds in their own sections. Not here. TAB has devoted a good chunk of the website, mainly to racing.

Furthermore, they got one extra racing sport in there. Here’s the big trio you can bet on:

  1. Horse Racing
  2. Greyhound
  3. Harness

This last racing type is unique for Australia and the region. You will rarely find it at a European sportsbook. This goes to show us how invested TAB is into racing, and it surely pays off for them.

Sports: This is the 2nd most popular section of the site, and it comprises many popular sports. However, it needs to be said that some sports are absent from TAB's offer, and this is understandable. TAB doesn't have any aspirations about becoming a leading bookmaker worldwide. They care about their own local customers. Remember to enter your Tab Promo Code upon registration. This is why you won’t find some of the following sports:

  • Table tennis
  • Minor football leagues
  • Snooker
  • Water Polo

In-Play betting: Even some horse racing events take in-play bets for a short time before the market suspends. This is because of the distance. It allows some in-play betting time before a horse can break out and establish itself as a frontrunner.

Despite that, the in-play offer of TAB isn't all that impressive. In fact, it is the least notable thing about the site. Too few events are available to be bet in-play, and this is definitely something that requires more work over time.

tab promo code

Odds: The Australian Way

If you are used to betting on American or Fractional odds, then you got no luck here. TAB has only decimal odds on its website, and this can be a turn-off for many new players. The way odds are displayed to be customizable, but it isn't, so we hope that you are good with decimals at this point.

Customer Service Quality: Available 24/7

Most people would scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to get to some contact info. Not here, you have to dig it out from the Menu again. Anyway, at first, TAB would try to lead you to some self-help by suggesting what your issue might be. If you can't find a solution, you can contact them via:

  • Contact form/email
  • Phone number
  • Twitter

Notice that they don't have a chat function? That's a slight drawback, but players all over the world started hating the chat because of the use of chatbots anyway.

Banking Options: The Most Popular Choices

As you can see, the whole site is basic, so the banking options aren’t any different really.


You can use any of the following:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • BPay
  • Cheque or Money order at any TAB Retail outlet
  • E-wallets

All deposit methods are instant.


You might be amazed, but you cannot withdraw from TAB using a credit or a debit card. You got only these 3 options at your disposal:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Retail outlets
  • Cheque

Still, it is a convenience that you can deposit money at a retail point and then play online. The same goes for withdrawing it. You win online, but you withdraw cash straight from the window.

tab promo code

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness: User-Friendly & Innovative

You can use TAB on your phone, and you got 2 options to how you can access the site:

  1. Mobile version of the site
  2. Mobile app

Mobile Site: Similarly to the desktop version, the navigation around the mobile variety of the site isn't ideal. However, all the offers are available on your phone as well. This, together with the ability to bet from everywhere makes the mobile version something we can be OK with.

Mobile Application: The app was terrible in the past; it has had some delightful recent upgrades.

  1. You can set a 4-digit access code so that nobody can get into your account
  2. Live streaming for racing and some AFL matches is available
  3. Available for both Android and iOS

Final Thoughts on Tab Australia: A Great Experience, Definitely Recommended

Well, we pretty much said it all, but it never hurts to summarize. TAB is a decent option if you are a local Australian sports fan. In case you are into racing and football, then this bookmaker will definitely answer your needs. We can't count on any more exotic sports to be offered, and we are also not happy with the volume of in-play events that are available.

There are very limited banking options, and this definitely needs to be looked into by management. Customer experience matters the most when it comes to sports wagering and TAB has to improve in many fields in order to obtain more players. Also, do not forget to enter your Tab Promo Code when you register.

The fact that you can listen to live radio broadcast of the horse racing events straight through the site of the bookie is a significant advantage. What’s more, this feature is also available on the mobile app of TAB.

The Top 3 Competitors of TAB in Australia


This is another local brand that just recently started operating in Australia. It's a strictly online sportsbook, and it offers an impressive range of sports to bet on. The company is completely licensed and Australian owned.


Here we are talking about one of the more experienced sports wagering companies on the Australian market. Betstar has been in business since 2007 and knows all the ropes. They specialize in mainly Australian events and will not blow you away with a wide range of sports.


Another relatively new Australian sports betting company. Neds is a big competitor of TAB when it comes to horse racing. The features of the mobile app are decent, and many people play there because of this convenience. Learn everything about Neds here!


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