Live Streaming On Neds 2020

Enjoy stunning live broadcast through Neds live streaming platform.

Following the wide acceptance of Neds Australia, the site has launched a live streaming platform through which players can watch games live as they are played. This feature gives Neds an extra edge over competitors, given that live broadcast is hardly on offer at Australian sportsbooks. If you’re looking to enjoy the thrilling experience of love viewership, then welcome to the club.

Live Streaming On Neds: What Players Need to Know 

Neds Live Streaming Review for Australia The development of a live streaming service at Neds has proven that the bookmaker has come to stand out in the Australian gambling terrace. With this platform, the site has once again demonstrated its absolute dedication to customer satisfaction. A live streaming platform has become a necessity in the gambling industry, whether you are a racebook enthusiast or sportsbook lover. With Neds, bettors are allowed the opportunity to watch live matches being played at the site so they could make stakes and organize their wagers accordingly. Players derive huge benefits from this platform. For example, your bets are easier to check as well as place. All customers at Neds Australia qualify to access the live streaming channel. Apart from providing channels through which matches can be viewed directly, Neds live streaming platform as well presents live in-play markets in which you can stake live as games are played. For all of the usefulness of the live streaming platform at Neds, it is impressive to find that it requires no additional costs. 

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

365 Streaming Features

You must be interested in knowing the specifications of the live streaming services at Neds Australia. This section has you covered.

Free Viewership: This is a brilliant feature. Considering that you have access to games as they are played, it is interesting to find that you enjoy the service for free. You are not required to make additional payments or make up for use with some of your winnings. Some bookmakers charge extra fees on the use of their live dealership services as they are quite expensive to acquire. Anyway, we suppose that Neds may place charges on their streaming platform with time. The eligibility could also be restricted to the fulfilling of certain thresholds.

Exclusively for Members: Of course, this should be expected. Neds live streaming services are only accessible by registered members at the site. To gain any access to the platform, you’d be asked to join or log in. This service is however not available to players who haven’t made their first deposits on any sports section. You should make your first deposit upon registration in order to enjoy the services in no time.

Neds Live Streaming Best Features

Live Streaming Review 

The live streaming service at Neds Australia makes gambling easier as well as adds more fun to gameplay. Here are the advantages offered:

Wager Arrangements: Perhaps, this is the greatest merit of using the live streaming channel. Via the presence of the live in-play betting, you can arrange your wagers according to how games are played out on the screen. This will save you a whole lot of cash as you obviously have an upper hand. With the right use of this feature, you are well on course to win big at Neds.

Real-time experience: For 80% of the gambling populace, this is the primary advantage of a live streaming platform. The availability of a streaming channel at Neds provides customers with the superb feel of real-time play. With the ability to watch your games as they are played, the experience becomes more realistic. 

Low Cost, More Fun: As highlighted in the features, Neds does not charge extra on its live streaming service. That guarantees you more fun at a significantly reduced cost. Instead of making exorbitant subscriptions monthly on your satellite system, you can watch favorite sports or races for almost nothing at all.

Neds Australia Live Streaming Review

How to Access Neds Streaming Service 

Depending on your preference or resources at disposal, you can access Neds live streaming platform via the mobile and website option. Remember that you must be logged in to use the service.

Mobile app

 To access Neds Live Streaming Platform on mobile, follow these steps:

  • Download the Neds mobile app via the Apple Play Store (for iOS users) or Neds official website (for Android users).
  • Click on the live in-play option among the options sat the games sections.
  • Choose between the two streaming channels: live stream sports and live stream races.
  • Select the event under the channel which you intend to watch. 
  • Ta-da! You’re live.

Website Access

To enjoy Neds live streaming via the website, use these steps:

  • Visit the sportsbook’s official website via
  • Click on registration to become a member (if you aren’t already) or select log in if you have an existing account.
  • Select ‘live in-play’ from the stacked menu at the top corner.
  • Choose between the sportsbook and racebook section.
  • Select the sport or race you have interest in.
  • Proceed to stream live and you’re good to go.

Live Streaming Guide for Neds Australia

User Interface, How It Functions

The Neds live streaming platform has a user-friendly interface. It is quite similar to a TV display, meaning that 99.9% of customers understand how to use. There is the enlarge option, volume options, sports title and other related functions. To know more, you may refer to the section immediately preceding this.

Which sports are covered?

The live streaming platform at Neds isn’t restricted to few games. That’s a pleasantly surprising spec. Usually, only few selected games can be streamed live at majority of Australian bookmakers, but Neds stands out. The streaming channel provides coverage of majority of the events in the sportsbook as well as racebook section. On the platform, you have the opportunity to watch your favorite sports events, ranging from soccer to basketball. You can watch popular leagues as well, with the English Premier League a notable mention. In the same vein, you have access to race events, whether home-based or international. You can stream the Horse Spring Carnival live as well as watch the UK Horse Racing Tournament.

Conclusion on Neds Live Streaming Service

First, the live streaming service at Neds is highly commendable. Apart from the fact that the site was launched just three years ago, the platform is detailed and presents a nice portfolio to choose from. The service is functional and works just fine on all devices, either Android or iOS, provided your device meets requirements. The interface is as well friendly and can be enjoyed even without any experience.

Neds live streaming platform is remarkable. And there are indications that it will only get better.

Verdict: 4.7/5.

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