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What is Betegy? One of the best prediction tools 

Betegy is a name that has been heard in the sports betting industry for almost 6 years, the arrival in the market was mid-2012. It is not a bookmaker, it is not a casino, it is a provider of a unique and lucrative service but for the punters. We are talking about one of the best prediction systems for sports betting that exist today.

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This system was created by experts in sports statistics and prediction, the founders and developers are Alex Kornilov and Vitaly Yatsunyk, both with extensive knowledge in reading data and interpreting it to obtain a benefit in sports betting. The system was created with the sole purpose of offering the best predictions in one place.

Betegy is not just any system, more than a system is a combination of mathematical and statistical calculations, it is described as an intelligent algorithm, Betegy learns from errors and increasingly offers better predictions thanks to the constant updating of the algorithm by developers.

The data that the system uses.

The data Betegy uses to predict sports results are the same data found on any website, but reading all that data at the same time is difficult, no one person is able to analyze more than 100 different statistical data which include: weather, previous matches, injuries, best odds, etc. All these data are processed by the Betegy algorithm.

Betegy developers managed to create an algorithm that could read all the data at the same time to offer the best betting possibilities in a sporting event, not just 1X2, this system is able to predict almost any type of bet available in a sporting event.

Betegy Offers with Promo Code

2024 Free Offer

Betegy offers a completely free package for new users who just want to test the system and verify how good the results of this provider are. The initial offer is free, users only have to register and they can enjoy these tools: Bet Tracker, Filter Tables, Totals tips, Both Teams to score tips, odds compare, pick odds providers.

The free tools are more than enough to prove Betegy and the enormous potential it offers to users is one of the best ways to verify the quality of Betegy, not only by reading reviews but also by testing the predictions and using them to make real sports bets based in the prediction system.

The user who chooses to use Betegy for free will surely opt for the pro offer once he can try all the benefits as a free user since with the few free benefits is a huge advantage. The most recommendable thing after using the free services of Betegy is to buy the options pro, to improve the ROI and the possibilities of winning more bets.

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Pro Offer

The benefits with the pro offer are much more lucrative, because when buying the subscription pro, the user opens all the power that Betegy offers, and we are talking about the maximum scope in sports predictions especially to cover everything offered by the algorithm. Users can register and pay with Paypal, Skrill, and Credit or Debit Card.

Currently, the cost of subscription pro for 3 months to get all the benefits of Betegy are € 49.99 euros, and for a full year of subscription users get the same benefits but with a discount, € 99.99 for a whole year.

The benefits of this offer include access to all the tools, the main ones and the most advanced ones that are for the exclusive use of the pro users. Among the pro tools are Picks Selector, Underdog List, Accumulator Generator, and all the most important leagues in the world, especially all related to UEFA.

Pro users have many advantages since they have access to all types of bets in each of the most important leagues, in addition, they obtain predictions of the final winners of the leagues, that type of prediction is very difficult to guess by a human.

How works the algorithm

The first thing we have to mention about this algorithm is that it is unique, there is no other prediction system for sports betting like this one in the market that has an algorithm as powerful as Betegy’s.

The algorithm can read almost any type of statistical data from the internet, from the best sources and use that data to build a complete analysis (using analysis with models like Dixon, Poisson, etc) about the sporting event, in this case, football. It is impossible to analyze all these data by a human, and we are talking about: goals, league standings, goals at home, average goals and other data, which are easy to read but very difficult to calculate.

Basically, the algorithm tries to focus on 3 main things, statistics of the teams/leagues, team dynamics, and relevant news about the match, team and related. It is an algorithm that is improving according to the results of the predictions, in case some prediction is repeated and only offers losing bets, the algorithm recognizes that type of error and avoids repeating it.

Betegy and its algorithm are responsible for detailing the best betting options, these options are sent directly to the user, when receiving notifications with the best possible bets (1X2, Over / Under, BTTS, etc), the user will decide which of those options it is the best according to what the algorithm indicates.

Every day the algorithm offers a minimum of 40 bets, which have an average of 80% accuracy, the whole system works daily, only the freshest statistics are processed, news and numbers from websites of dubious origin are avoided. and algorithm improves day after day.

Why using Betegy?

Games analysis

Betegy offers the most important leagues in Europe and the world, including UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Libertadores Cup, Premier League, Championship, Scottish Premiership, League of Ireland, Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, La Liga, Second Division, Seria A, Ligue 1, Primeira Liga, Eredivisie, Belgian First Division A, Danish Superliga, Swedish Allsvenskan, Norwegian Tippeligaen, Finnish Veikkausliiga, Polish Ekstraklasa, Ukrainian Premier League, Russian Premier League, Turkish Super Lig, Turkish 1. Lig, Major League Soccer, Liga MX, Brazilian Serie A, Brazilian Serie B, Argentinian Primeira A, J-League, K-League, Chinese League, A-League.

All the leagues covered by Betegy have action during most months of the year, the Betegy algorithm covers most of those months, the recommendations of the algorithm are the final recommendations for each of the matches.

betegy competition

Each of the matches goes through a strict analysis, also the players of each team are analyzed by the parameters of the algorithm. Mainly analyzed the statistics of goals, defense, attack, struggles of each team, the situation of the team in the local league and the number of injuries that the team suffers during the season. Each of these aspects affects the performance of the team and therefore has a positive or negative impact on the recommendation and analysis of the matches.

Betegy is responsible not only for correctly analyzing the games, but also offering all the best betting options, which are also reviewed and filtered, since the Betegy algorithm also analyzes the past of the past bets for each of the teams, In case the teams are not good with BTTS or 1X2, the analysis will decapitate that option and offer better betting options.

Efficient and Unique Tools Deposit

Here we have a description of each of these tools and the potential of each one for all users:

Bet Tracker: This is one of the best tools offered by Betegy, the tracker is responsible for everything related to the management and administration of bets, compare odds and show the results of events and bets. The user can calculate with the Bet Tracker everything related to the investment of money and potential earnings, also allows you to see which are the worst and best bets.

Sort and Filter Table: All the data that Betegy offers free and pro users can be adjusted to the needs of users, and sort them according to sporting events. The tables in Betegy can be filtered and arranged according to the events, odds, percentages, besides the data can be exported in CSV for a deeper analysis. The possibilities of filters are big, safe bets, best odds, and more.

Total and BTTS tips: These predictions are the most common and used by bettors nowadays, Betegy offers them free for all users, they are predictions based 100% on statistics and obtained through the complex algorithm behind Betegy. In addition, free users also get 1X2 and Correct Score as extra gifts.

Underdog List: This list is unique, possibly one of the lucrative parts that have the predictions of Betegy, is a gold mine for pro users, since this tool is only for the exclusive use of pro users. This tool is great for big bets with Double Chance, Draw No Bet and the handicaps. Underdogs include the most profitable odds.

Live Scores: All the results of the most recent games, on all the games that have been recommended by the system, in addition to providing users with the best scores, this tool also offers the results of sports bets on all options. All scores are up to date according to betting results.

Accumulators: This last tool is perfect for users who need accas without having to waste time calculating bets, Betegy offers different accas every day, with the accas users can generate up to 200% every day in profits.

betegy prediction

Accuracy / ROI

The accuracy tracker within Betegy offers a detailed table of all predictions of the algorithm, these predictions are divided into several subcategories easy to access depending on the type of ROI of each bet. The first filters of the table are by the ROI, from the highest ROI in 32% to an ROI with 14%.

The second filter option in accuracy and ROI are the strategies for each of the leagues, from the UEFA Champions League to the local leagues of the countries with the best teams. User can choose any of these leagues and see a detailed analysis of each of the tips and predictions previously offered by the algorithm, the table shows all the winning bets, losers and the amount of money obtained by the users who used those bets.

All the options used by the algorithm, 1X2, Over / under, BTTS and odds are available on the table of the accuracy tracker. The users can choose between all the bets and the type of stakes to reflect them in the graphics generated by the statistics: flat stakes, value bets, kelly stakes and all the options together.

Review: definitely a must-try

As Profit Accumulator, and OddsMonkey, one of its competitors, Betegy is definitely a system that has the advantage over other systems that offer almost the same options, but without the support of a stable algorithm developed by people who understand statistics and sports.

This system is not perfect, because in sports betting there is no perfection and there is no 100% ROI or a probability of success over 90%, more than 90% could be called “scam”, but Betegy does not offer that kind of doubtful results, rather stick to reality and not offer false promises that disappoint the players.

Betegy offers good betting options, but the system still has to cover other betting options, since the few options officially offered by the system are less than six and that is very little if we compare it with the more than 100+ options that The bookmakers offer in each event to make bets.

The good thing about this system is that it does not need any special knowledge of programming codes or advanced math calculation, since the algorithm takes care of everything, it is designed for football, although it should cover other sports such as tennis, basketball or American football, since they are as lucrative sports as football during their respective seasons.

The prices of Betegy subscriptions are reasonable for everything it offers, although with the options for free users it seems enough to bet for a few months, earn some money and pay the pro option with Betegy. The tools are not as advanced, but they show exactly what the users need clear and reliable information.

Validity period of the Betegy promo code: 2024

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