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If you want to bet on sports at some of the best online betting platforms, then you have come to the right place. Here you will get to read a review about one of them. And what we have in mind is the sports betting platform. So, if you wanted to learn more about how this platform works and what it has in store for the average player – you’re welcome to read our review. To that end, let’s delve right in.

Setting up your account with

By registering on the sports betting platform you will have immediate access to their sportsbook. And you will be able to bet on some of the most popular sports events that are available around the world. But logically, you will need to register an account first.

To do this you will need to go and check out the website. Once there, find the button that the visitors use for starting the registration process. It ought to be in the top right corner of the screen. Then, you will get access to a new window. It’s here that you will need to do the actual registering of the account. It’s here that you need to write some personal information like first and last name, email, etc. Once you do this, the people behind will send you a confirmation email on the email address that you have provided. Check your email and click the confirmation link. After all this is done – you will be able to start betting on the sports betting platform. And this process will typically be all done in a matter of few short minutes.

Bonuses does offer some rather nice bonuses. First of all, you will get a free bet to the tune of 20 GBP. If you want to get the free bet, then you will need to make a deposit of your own. And this deposit needs to also be to the tune of 20 GBP. The free bet will then be credited to your account and you can use it on the Virgin Bet sports events.

But that’s not the only bonus in the house. You can also benefit from getting enhanced odds on some of the sports markets. To that end, you do need to be diligent and do check out what odds have a boost. The boosted sports events vary, sometimes on a daily basis. If you follow the boosted odds, then you will be much more likely to make more money.

If you have a few friends that also want to do online gambling, then you’ll be able to use the referral bonuses at Virgin Bet. Your friend needs to start wagering. If he or she does this, then you will be credited with some free money on your account.

Bonus terms and conditions

The bonus terms and conditions must be met by the player if he or she is to use the bonuses available at Virgin Bet. It’s as simple as that. So, by depositing 20 GBP you will get a 20 GBP free bet in return. This much is clear. You will only have a limited period of time to use this bonus. Also, there is a wagering requirement to be met.

As for the referrals, you can only make so much of them before you exhaust the bonus offer. You can do it for a limited number of times only. You ought to read the terms and conditions for yourself and see what they are about.


Is the website legal?

Virgin Bet will be licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. As such, it means that this is a legitimate company and that people shouldn’t be worried at all about being scammed of their money.

How can I withdraw my money?

You need to sign in and then find the withdrawal page. Select the sum of money you wish to withdraw and your preferred payment method. And you’re all set.

Can I use promo codes?

If you can find promo codes – then you might as well use them. They will give you some pretty good rewards like enhanced odds and even free betting money.

Promotions for existing players

The referral bonus can be used by the existing players. They can invite friends and get money for this. Also, the existing players can use the enhanced odds and a handful of other bonuses, too.

Quality of platform


The Virgin brand is already very recognizable for its online website layout. You can expect to see the same thing at Virgin Bet’s website. You can learn the layout in a matter of minutes and you can find everything you need quickly.


From football to basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, MMA – there are many different sports available to bet on at Virgin Bet. Just visit their website and you will get to see all of the sports that are available.

VirginBet will certainly focus on UK football with some boosted prices.


The odds are very high for a new betting website. If you use odds comparison software, you will see that this is indeed the case. You can stand to make a handsome sum of money by using the high Virgin Bet betting odds.

Customer service

The customer service at Virgin Bet is pretty solid. We have never had any problems with how the website runs and with how the staff treats the customers. So, Virgin Bet has quality customer service, to say the least.



The Android and iOS apps are available in their respective stores. You can get access to Virgin Bet from your smartphone if you just have access to the internet. And then you can quickly wager bets and enjoy the thrill of online sports betting – while you’re on the go.

Mobile website

The mobile website doesn’t trail far behind the mobile application. It has the same functionalities – albeit they are not as smooth as for the app. But sure enough, the mobile website gets the job done in all cases.


Virgin Bet really has all the things it needs to one day become a truly great sports bookie. There are many sports, solid odds, mobile device support, and a great platform for people to wager sports bets on. To that end, we hope you will enjoy using it.

VirginBet Review - by ,November 19, 2018
5 / 5stars