How to view full screen bet365 live streaming

Live streaming is one of the features that sports bettors absolutely rave about with bet365. The site covers literally thousands of sporting events over the course of each calendar year, with streaming options for football, tennis, horse racing, basketball, and loads of other sports. To be fair to the site, I have found the streaming quality to be absolutely terrific – assuming you have a strong enough internet connection.

As long as you’ve made a recent bet or have money in your bet365 balance, you will be able to enjoy the streaming services. With that said, this post will look specifically at whether you can enjoy live streaming on a full-screen.

Full-screen live streaming

bet365 live streaming

Bet365 has its streaming services available on all three of its betting platforms. This includes the desktop site, the mobile site, and the native mobile app that can be installed for Android and iOS. I’ve looked at whether you can enjoy full-screen streaming on all of these platforms and reported my findings in the categories below.

Desktop site

Live streaming is absolutely supported on the desktop site, and arguably, it’s the easiest to find out of all three platforms. However, interestingly, you cannot initiate full screen streaming from the desktop site. When looking into it further, this is one of the most common complaints of the bet365 desktop site. With that said, you can at least zoom in on your screen to try and make the streaming window enlarged, but by doing so, the quality of the stream does suffer.

Mobile site

Unlike the desktop site, you can set the live streaming to full-screen mode through the mobile site. In order to apply this, you can do two things. There is a little link in the bottom right-hand corner of the streaming window, which you can click to make the stream fit the full screen. However, providing that your screen is not ‘locked’, you can also rotate your device so that the stream will automatically adjust to fit the full-screen.

Just note that through the mobile site, assuming you will be accessing it using your data instead of Wi-Fi, it’s advisable to have a connection of at least 4G. This is in the interest of keeping the resolution as good as possible, and it also helps to remove any of those annoying lag times that you can sometimes experience with live streaming.

Mobile app

Out of the three platforms that bet365 operates on, I have to say that I prefer to use the mobile app. This is especially true when it comes to live streaming, as the stream seems to load quicker than it does on the mobile and desktop site, and the quality is also quite consistent. Just like the mobile site, however, you do need to ensure that your internet connection is strong enough to support a smooth streaming service.

To make the stream full-screen, all you must do is rotate your mobile device into the landscape position, and it will adjust to suit.

Remember you must have an active bet365 account in order to view live streams, as well as the other requirements mentioned above. If you’re new to the bookmaker, consider claiming the bet365 welcome offer today.