bet365 TV adverts: Our favourites from recent years

Bet365 is probably one of the most active sites when it comes to TV advertising. It would seem that the brand is making a huge push right now to encourage member sign-ups, especially with the events that have disrupted the world over the last few months. While bet365 is one of the most active brands for advertising on TV, it is also one of the most creative. You will probably have seen a bet365 TV advertisement if you watch the regular sports channels such as BT Sport or Sky TV.

This post is designed to have a bit of fun and look back at the best bet365 betting adverts there have been over the last few years. Some of the adverts I will identify here definitely served their purpose, not to mention the entertainment value from the viewers perspective.


Top TV commercials of bet365

Okay, let’s run through some of these historical bet365 commercials right now, and if you can recall them – that tells you everything that you need to know for the effectiveness of this advertising.

Bet365 – 22 million

This commercial was first released a few years ago, and it follows the standard premise of many of the bet365 commercials. It shows people from all walks of life getting a thrill out of using the bet365 app, and the narrator (Ray) explains all of the benefits of using the app in quite a quirky manner. He explains how the turnstiles never stop turning, and how the final whistle is never the end of the bet365 journey.

This is, of course, referencing the extensive coverage of sports in general that bet365 offers all of its users. The major takeaway from the commercial however is the tale of how many people were already signed up and enjoying the bet365 site at the time – 22 million. Obviously that’s a rather impressive figure, and it shows that bet365 is one of the largest brands in the United Kingdom. It helps that bet365 bonus codes are readily available in the country.

Bet365 cash-out commercial

Here we have another piece of marketing genius, with our favourite cockney-man Ray in the driver’s seat once more. Ray has been a bit of a paramount figure in bet365’s TV advertising success it would seem, and he poses as a rather relaxed figure just browsing through the app in this one. However, bet365 has cleverly highlighted the key features of the app, specifically focusing on the cash-out tool that was only recently added when this commercial hit the market.

Ray famously says in the commercial, “good things come to those who cash out”. This was a bit of a play on words from the equally famous Carlsberg commercials, where they used to state that “good things come to those who wait”. This commercial is full of cutting edge computer visuals too, which keep in line with the style and sophistication of the bet365 brand as a whole.

It is undoubtedly one of their best pieces of TV advertising, at least from what I’ve seen in recent years.